Friday, January 27, 2006

Elections everywhere except in Cuba and the Victorian Labor Party?

As we celebrate the onward march of democracy this goes against the trend. Victorian Labor Premier Steve Bracks has foreshadowed intervention by the right-wing controlled Labor Party national executive to ensure that ballots for the Victorian Legislative Council among rank and file Labor Party members come up with the right result. It is not exactly clear what he is proposing but I don't see how ballots can go ahead if the result is determined. Not surprisingly this is seen by the press as a praiseworthy exertion of influence.
Before this many party members who live in safe conservative electorates (50 years since Labor has won an election in Warrnambool) were looking forward to the opportunity to select Labor candidates who would actually win elctions under the new PR system for the Council that divides the state into 8 electorates of 5 members each. Would-be Labor candidates were actually having to venture out into the country and lobby branch members who have been accustomed to being ignored by metropolitan Labor politicians. Doesn't make Labor look good compared to the Greens who have endorsed their candidates by a rank and file ballot. May not help Labor's campaign down here.


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