Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Bump me into parliament?

More media speculation on new ALP candidates. Richard Marles (son of Faye Marles) in Corio, pleasant enough, although hearing him speak at length in Warrnambool at an industrial relations protest last year I was reminded of the old IWW song:
Bump me into parliament
Bounce me any way at all
Bang me into parliament
On next election day
Some very wealthy friends I know
Declare I am most clever
While some can talk for an hour or so
Why I can talk for ever
As Melbourne University Students' Representative Council president in 1988 he did a good job in effecting the merger of the separate student representative bodies at the University and Melbourne CAE into a single Melbourne University Student Union. Pity this union was later destroyed by members of the Labor faction he later joined. He seemed to do a reasonable job as National Union of Students secretary in 1989, the only comment of his I remember was one questioning the obsession with calling student organisations 'unions', I am now inclined to agree with him on this.
In Isaacs it seems Anne Corcoran in for the chop, her father famous as a young Catholic activist who stood up to the Groupers in the early 1950s, he continues to write and speak on his experiences. I wonder if those organising to replace her remember that she was put there by the votes of the right solely to kept the dynamic and very talented Jill Hennessy out of parliament, she having already been defeated for the Holt pre-selection by the very unimpressive Anthony Byrne to succeed Gareth Evans despite having won the local ballot. Jill was I think the last Labor student to seriously run under the 'Labor students' banner in a student association election, losing the 1992 Monash Association of Students election for Chair by 8 votes. Somehow I doubt Jill will receive any apology, however much it is deserved, or that she will be recalled as a candidate by those touting ALP talent.
Harry Jenkins in Scullin in trouble, I must admit there were times when I thought Ted Murphy had more to offer, see a speech by him here. Ted was defeated for the Senate in 2001 by Lyn Allison on Green preferences, even though he is probably closer ideologically to the Greens than her, still after Labor's performance in electing Families First over the Greens in 2004 Labor has nothing to complain about. However the policy statement by the group whose candidate hopes to replace Jenkins, 'the Union and Community Alliance' was one of the laziest and cynical documents I have ever seen, a collection of clich├ęs and glossy print.


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