Monday, November 20, 2006

Great moments in Communism

Always good to be reminded of how Communist regimes operated. On the website of Revolutionary Democracy (an Indian Stalinist journal and 99% mad) in the April 1999 issue there is an interesting article about the activities of a tiny pro-Albanian group in East Germany: the German Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist). It quotes the Stasi policy on internal disruption:
2.6.2: Effective Types of disintegration which may be used are:
- Methodically discrediting the public reputation, esteem and prestige on the basis of combining true, verifiable and discrediting facts with false but plausible, non-refutable and thus also discrediting facts.
- Methodically organizing professional and social failures in order to undermine the self-confidence of individuals.- Purposefully undermining convictions in connection with particular ideals, models, etc. and creating doubts about the persons perspective.-

Creating distrust and mutual suspicion within groups, groupings and organizations.
- Creating or making use of and increasing rivalries within groups, groupings and organizations by purposefully making use of personal weaknesses of individual members.
- Keeping groups, groupings and organizations busy with their internal problems with the aim of limiting their hostile-negative actions.


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