Monday, February 05, 2007

Greens on the wrong platform

Recent controversy about public transport problems in NSW and Victoria. In NSW passengers have been forced to urinate in carriages due to the absence of toilets, along with chronic lateness (see here and here). In Victoria trains forced to travel at slow speeds due to lack of track maintenance. All of this is occurring under Labor governments, purportedly a party committed to quality public sector services. Although Labor governments are free of the know nothing conservatism that infests the federal government they rival it for relentless spin and short-termism. But Labor's would-be rivals to the left the Greens largely fail to challenge Labor on grounds of competence, when Liberal oppositions get their act together they will be left on the sidelines. It is easy for the left to make deserved fun of the NSW Liberals and I have pointed out their wallowing in the muck of sectarian politics, but at least they are campaigning on the poor quality of public services, see the many press releases on their site. The Greens ignore the issue, instead focusing on water, climate change and the environment, good but they won't be in a position to force action on these issues unless they increase their vote which requires that they position themselves as a real alternative to Labor.



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