Monday, April 30, 2007

Religion in Turkey and New York

I see the secularist protests in Turkey (picture from here) and hints of intervention by the military on behalf of the secular cause, have received little coverage in the Australian media which thinks Europe stops around Berlin. The conservative record in all policy aspects of the ruling Islamist party provides further confirmation, if any was needed, of the perfect compatibility of political Islam (and of course political Christianity) with economic conservatism. Would-be business modernisers seem to have little time for the secularists according to business-friendly commentary here. Nor it seems does the European whose Enlargement Commissioner stated:
This is a test case if the Turkish armed forces respect democratic secularism and the democratic arrangement of civil-military relations.
Well, for a start note that the Islamist ruling party won a landslide parliamentary majority with only 34.3% of the vote.
On a slightly less serious note Elliott Spitzer, the first Jewish Governor of New York, has generated outrage from Christian groups as the only state governor not to support a National Day of Prayer. See outraged comments here.

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