Friday, August 11, 2006

Left parties and education

The Truman Project paper I discussed in my last post has an interesting graph on voters' evaluation of which party is best on education. Striking to see how the Republicans made up ground, and this is like Australia where Labor's advantage on education has declined.


At 7:36 PM, Anonymous Corin said...


For what it's worth I think this is about control of ones destiny and choice in the values they favour. The right has actively decided that choice is empowering and I think they are right. The Left must in response agree that it is, and find a way of empowering the poor in choice, rather than running the line that choice can only hurt the disadvantaged: Differential Vouchers are the obvious solution. Not only do they empower more people with choice, they also make the education establishment more responsive to kids in learning and parents in values.

Read both:

Further to these articles I would add that vouchers should oblige private educators to meet the same basic standards for entry that the public system faces.

What do you think. I think this is a step toward devolution to the neighbourhood as well as the individual - not dissimilar to primaries in fact.


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