Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Queensland conclusions

Voters were more tolerant than I expected but I was right about Toowoomba North. Perhaps Toowoomba is going the full circle from old Labor country town alienated by Whitlam back to new Labor Brisbane suburb. Toowoomba South will be interesting when Horan retires if he has the personal vote some claim. Swing in Fitzroy may indicate impact of WorkChoices and Cunningham definitely blamed union campaign for her loss of support in Gladstone. Will make new federal seat of Flynn in central Queensland (includes Gladstone) interesting. Looks like Bundaberg is gone, the independent might be blamed but perhaps there was a vote against Labor that voters were determined to make given the hospital scandal, thus they were determined to vote for Nationals whether as first or second preference. The example of personal votes for other sitting MPs suggests the National may be around for some time. When I suggested health was going to have a bigger impact on Labor Mark Bahnisch said:
I very much doubt voters think the Qld opposition can do a better job on health. Based on the polling Graham Young and I have been doing, which is discussed on Currumbin2Cook, most voters accept that health is a complex area not amenable to quick fixes, and are sceptical of the quick fixes on offer from both sides.
Seems he was right, Labor like John Howard, can benefit by diminished expectations. There has been a rather pointless debate about increasing accountability in Queensland by restoring the Legislative Council. Proportional representation would be a better idea.


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