Monday, November 27, 2006

Nationals, Greens & Elaine

Nationals a good performance overall, although outside their northern heartland poor, they ran behind Families First in Warrnambool. Since 1999 party has striven to develop independent identity, perhaps 1999 victory in Benalla a first sign. Water and environmental management issues can be new point of city-country tension. Strong Nationals performances in Benalla and Morwell influenced by water issues, Lake Mokkan in the later. But how compatible is this National approach with the aspiration to be in a Coalition government with the Liberals? Would a Liberal government impose harsher water restrictions in Melbourne to free up water for farmers? Doubtful. Thus the Nationals reject the idea of a Coalition in opposition although this is sought by some Liberals. But hard choices with have to faced if Labor loses a majority. Greens disappointing again, blaming Peter Garrett is bizarre but they were even doing this in conversation on the polling booth in Warrnambool and in blog comments. They have a constituency but it has peaked in the short-term. Friendly advice: drop this Melbourne obsession and focus on wining more Legislative Council seats. The quest for an Assembly seat has involved massive resources and questionable touchy-feely with the Liberals (not to support Labor's demagogic and dishonest campaign agaisnt the Greens either). Even if the Greens did fluke a lower house seat (and somewhere they eventually will) it unlikely they could hold balance of power, whereas they will come close to this in the Council. Speaking of the Council personal vote of 2504 for Elaine Carbines a rebuff to great minds of Labor Unity who dumped her from top of ticket. Victory for older women in politics. in Western Victoria we contemplate with horror the prospect that Labor preferences may elect a member of the DLP over the Greens.

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